NOMC your safely choice for crew manning and seafarers recruiting, NOMC have a qualified team of crewing managers with big experience with crew manning.


Specialists of NOMC plan the most profitable and convenient delivery mode of your freight taking into account features of transport connection and remoteness of the receiver. Timely cargo delivery to […]


NOMC can offer you by optimal time and prices the air, trains and bus tickets for all ways where you like to spend your good travel.


NordOst Survey guided by the regulations and standards accepted around the world.  When NOMC surveyors carries out his survey strictly following instructions,rules in order to have  the maximum protection of […]


NOMC has many experience in organizing and delivery of any ship supplies on board the vessel, both as the port and at sea.

ship’s agency

NOMC will provide all range of services on servicing of the courts arriving to the port and protection of interests of ship-owners.