NordOst Marine Company (NOMC)


NordOst forwarding & transporting logistics services.– receiving , loading/unloading, safe custody, transportation of any goods.

Nordost Marine Company (NOMC) provides transport and forwarding services in all the international destinations.

Main type of transportation - container transportations by container ship, railway and truck.

we use different types of containers 20DC, 40DC, 40HQ, 45DC: refrigerator, platforms

Universal containers have the greatest advantage thanks to a modality in case of configuration in the course of the works concerning loading and unloading.

Refrigerators are used in case of cargo transportation for which it is necessary to support the set temperature condition necessary for storage.

for example:

- food;

- medicaments;

- plants;

- chemical cargos.     

Competent specialists of NOMC will pick up the container type corresponding to your cargo, and also an optimum route to a delivery location, it will help to reduce considerably duration of the delivery and cost of transportation. 

In case of implementation of the international cargo delivery we use all possible conditions of the freight.