Ticketing - one of activities of the NordOst Marine Company (NOMC).

NordOst Ticketing – search, reservation, sale of tickets for all means of transport.

Employees of NOMC will help you with the choice of the most convenient and optimum tickets at the price in the direction necessary to you.

NOMC have everything that is necessary for the organization of any travel. We will help to issue any visa, to buy air, train & bus tickets, reserve hotel, get an insurance, reserve a transfer or rent car.

NOMC gives help in execution of visas to seamen, workers, business visas, and also visas necessary for tourism and travel.

To issue the visa not so difficult as it seems at first sight. For this purpose, it is necessary:

- to collect all necessary documents;

- correctly fill the questionnaire;

- in time to submit the application;

- take account the inquiry terms determined by consulate of the country.